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Posted by Princevermont (Member # 4) on :
I have started tinkering around with C in linux in hopes of creating a very nice alarm program. I have searched around and really didnt find anything that did what I wanted. Although I am calling this Gnome Alarm Clock because I was unable to find any other program with that name, and I am going to be using GTK for the GUI, therefore making it more gnome specific, it does not currently utilize a GUI so dont be expecting one.
Current features:
-sounds an alarm at specified time
-12 hour time format only
-utilizes MPG123 to play the sound(MP3) file

Dream features:
-can play Wav, mp3 or many other types
-can do buzzing alarm also
-spacebar turns it off / adjustable snooze
-12/24 hour time format choice
-an actual GUI
-scheduling (different alarm times each day of the week)
-gnome notification area integration
-save/restore preferences/alarms/etc so you dont have to enter the stuff each time

here it is, in all 63 lines of coded glory:

NOTE:!!! it doesnt create its own folder when you uncompress it, so make a folder and then drop the tar.gz in there then untar/gz it.

-must type in 2 digits for hour, for example 8AM alarm wanted must be typed as "08"
-no spaces in mp3 name ( it will work if you do that crazy slashes before spaces thing though)
Posted by Princevermont (Member # 4) on :
ooh also you need to have mpg123 installed and somewhere in the PATH (slackware since 8.0 do I know)
Posted by Princevermont (Member # 4) on :
well, that crap from before sucked. now i have real GUI (using GTK+-2.0). This was mainly a learning experience for me, but now the program is actually usable for others. Please let me know of any bugs you find. It is simple enough (~500 lines) that i shouldnt have too many, but you never know.

Here is a screenshot


*plays MP3 of your choice.
*adjustable snooze
*nice large digital-looking time
*alarm will only go off if "active" is clicked
*uses free mpg123 program to play file
*any key becomes snooze button when alarm is going off (mainly for the spacebar) except ESC and a few others.

this release is for LINUX, type "make" in the folder after unzipping to build. make executable if necessary, and ./gnome-alarm-clock to run. There is no installer yet. Programmed on Slackware 10.1 with GTK+-2.0 (C++ and C mixed), compile as C++. get it here:
Posted by Griegs (Member # 119) on :
I use a program like this, but you can set many at a time and more imporantly for different dates. However, it lacks the snooze function, I just usually smack my laptop like any other alarm clock and it usually stops.

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