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Posted by Lucky Swift (Member # 100) on :
Does anyone have my old Cancer client anywhere?

I actually have a practical purpose for using it, but lost my code... let me know.

Or, alternativly, did you guys ever sit down and write the CCC "handbook" so to speak on how the protocol is supposed to work and all the codes and such... I mean i could create one from scratch but i was planning on using big-red as a tester.
Posted by bigO (Member # 7) on :
I started a handbook. I'll see if i can find it when i go home.
Posted by SkyRat (Member # 10) on :
I have decided to play with my chat program all day at work tomorrow, thanks for the reminder!

I'll post stuff as it comes back.
Posted by SkyRat (Member # 10) on :
Ok so I didn't get to it today. Stupid work, I spent most of the day setting up a server for the wireless network I'm working on and watching a co-worker crawl through the bottom of a raised floor to run cat6.
Posted by Lucky Swift (Member # 100) on :
mmmm.... raised floor....
Posted by Lucky Swift (Member # 100) on :
So... I again have practical purpose for the CCC chat client... but still don't have any of my source code. Either of you Windows-lovin-code-hogs feel generous enough to throw me some of the source code for using winsock, and i'll start from scratch?
Posted by Lucky Swift (Member # 100) on :
On a side note, I haven't logged on here in ages, and I'm sure I'll forget to check this post. Hit me up on AIM blind4877.


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