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Posted by Lucky Swift (Member # 100) on :
So, in the last 3 days, I've gotten 15 random spam posts from robots on my whathuh wordpress blog.

I do want my page to be indexed, and I DO have comments set to moderation first for anonymous posters... but anyone know of any other way to keep them out? This seemed like the best place to ask.

P.S. How has everyone been?

P.P.S. Did every leave nerddom? It's been nearly a year since codecrave had a post... and that was mine...
Posted by bigO (Member # 7) on :

A captcha is the fuzzy text you have to input before it lets you post. don't use one that's too advanced (i'm a human and i have trouble reading the ticketmaster captchas), you could honestly have an image that says "nospam" in a funny font and it'd block at least 90% of the spam.

there are a couple other things on that page regarding blacklists, you could try those too.

I think codecrave kinda died with people getting busy with college and not having any white castles in champaign-urbana or bloomington-normal. And now we are all spread around the country with jobs, so the time for open source projects is limited.
Posted by Lucky Swift (Member # 100) on :
Cool. Thanks Mike.

Yeah, I don't exactly have time for open-sourced projects either, but I will have some excess web-related work in the near future if anyone is interested. I give Matt first dibbs, because, well, I talked to him first, and he does it for a living, but I'll have more.
Posted by Lucky Swift (Member # 100) on :

even better. no captcha javascript bot blocker. fucks up the machines and even slows them down if i read it right. awesome.
Posted by bigO (Member # 7) on :
ah, you mean like contracting out doing your website?

also, i read somewhere something about adding a hidden field to your comments, and an assuming spam bot will come along and submit a value for it, so if it comes back as non-null, then you know its a bot or someone messing around, since its impossible for humans to enter input on hidden fields.
Posted by Lucky Swift (Member # 100) on :
ah, you mean like contracting out doing your website?
Wait, what?

It installs a bit of javascript and a checksum. Most bots don't run javascript, so it prevents them that way. Doesn't always work, but more friendly to the end-user.

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